Washington State Home Purchase Sale Agreement

Title III. Due to the differences between the different types of residential and commercial contracts, we recommend that you amend your contract to make the acceptance and approval of the preliminary title report and the documents identified therein an urgency of the contract, if this is not already the case. Require at least ten (10) days for legal review and evaluation of listed documents. As in most jurisdictions, Washington`s title insurance does not cover the negative effects that public documents can have on title or land use. Review the preliminary title report and public documents before conducting any further due diligence. Your performance schedule for the purchase and sale of real estate should take into account this document verification as well as the review of required environmental reports, estoppel certificates and other emergency documents that may be used in commercial, industrial or agricultural land purchase contracts. (1) Land: In a municipality with a zoning of one to four units for parcels created by a paved subdivision, easements are generally mentioned, access by public or private roads is required, zoning is well defined and water, wastewater and electricity are generally provided. Buyers usually have no problem with real estate purchases of this type. (2) Real Estate Consumption Tax: The State of Washington imposes a tax on the sale of real estate. The state tax rate is 0.0128%, although counties or municipalities may levy additional taxes. The tax applies to the seller, but the buyer may be held liable for the tax if it cannot be levied by the seller. The tax is usually levied by the county upon presentation of sales records for registration in the public record. Form 100 Notice of Disposal of Financing Event This notice is given in accordance with the purchase agreement („Agreement“) between („Buyer“) and („Seller“) for the purchase and sale of the Property: in accordance with Section 10c.

Standard parties to the purchase and sale of real estate, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, and hereinafter referred to as the Seller, hereby agree that the Seller will sell the following Properties and that the Buyer will purchase, with the corresponding improvements. We offer a fast turnaround time in drafting or reviewing your purchase and sale agreement, as well as neutral and impartial legal advice. .