St Hilda`s Enterprise Agreement

We are an Anglican school that values reason, imagination, truth, mercy, entrepreneurship and responsibility. We are looking for people who are interested in their field and who are happy to contribute to our large school community. The salaries and conditions found in the following documents are due to union membership efforts in your school and in the independent and Catholic school sectors. We value sensitivity and concern for the well-being of others. St Hilda`s is an Anglican school dedicated to caring for girls in a caring environment, a first-rate education that aims to develop their best qualities, broaden their horizons, prepare them for the changing demands of a career and equip them to meet and appreciate the challenges of life in the twenty-first century. Christ Church Grammar School`s Holistic Healthy Living Programme offers all teachers and auxiliaries the following medical examinations and services free of charge: the agreed work of a teacher at Christ Church Grammar School (2018-2020 EBA) St Hilda`s employs around 280 full-time, part-time and casual staff, composed of academic and operational staff. We provide a safe and supportive environment for approximately 1300 students, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, at two school sites in Mosman Park, Perth. For more information on the salaries paid to support staff members and at each level, see Christ Church Grammar School Inc (Support Staff Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2018). The academic, pastoral and co-curricular obligations of teachers are described in detail in this document, which supports the schools` company negotiation agreement and is agreed outside of it: St Hilda`s Anglican School for Girls (Inc) Enterprise Agreement 2017Educational Services (Teachers) AwardEducational Services (Teachers) Pay Guide National Register Canon – Application For all positions: If you have any questions, especially about obtaining a collective agreement, you will receive professional and specialized advice in your union office. In addition to this remuneration, all scientific staff will have access to their own phone and voicemail, Internet and e-mail, and full-time academic staff are provided with a laptop or iPad.

To work with us, you must be an Australian citizen or have an up-to-date visa with which you can work in Australia. We need a file. St Hilda`s is committed to protecting and protecting the well-being of all children in our care and applicants must be prepared to undergo child protection screening where appropriate. Educational Services (Schools) General Staff AwardEducational Services (Schools) General Staff Pay Guide Please note that we reserve the right to interview applicants before the submission deadline. The school board allowance of 8% in addition to the basic salary is granted in recognition of the responsibilities of all members of the teaching staff that go beyond the participation normally expected of a teacher in such a school. This allowance applies to all teachers in addition to their respective basic salaries. We have an extensive curriculum and we offer a wide range of co-educational activities. We also offer boarding accommodation for 150 Australian and overseas students. St. Hilda`s is a vibrant school community with a proud history of educating women to be independent, confident and contributing tomorrow. Whatever their role, all our employees play an active role in school life to ensure that we offer life prospects to our students.

*Other remuneration: 14,123 $US **Other supplement: $US 23,539 In addition to the remuneration provided for in The St. Hilda`s Enterprise Agreement, employees may have access to: As part of the selection procedure for new employees, Canon is required to have the national register checked. . . .